Canada Day Montreal

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Come Celebrate Canada Day 2016 in the Old Port of Montreal

We welcome you to join our national celebration this year with visitors coming from around the world. Learn about Canada’s culture and celebrative traditions while you explore the city of Montreal and dine at our best-recommended restaurants.

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Our armed forces will conduct the early morning ceremony for the inauguration of Canada Day.

Cannon Salute

The cannon salute will follow the inauguration ceremony, where you can witness some of the best defence systems of Canada.


Do not miss out on our evening fireworks, where you can spend your time enjoying the street food and shopping.

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Canada Day, The Birth of Canada

Canada Day, The Birth of Canada

Canada's Birthday Canada day, which was also known as Dominion Day, was celebrated on July 1st. It is also called "Canada's Birthday" informally in most of the popular press. However, the word "birthday" has become oversimplified as Canada day is the anniversary of...

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A Time To Reflect

A Time To Reflect

Some recent findings of unmarked Graves children that are found near or on the grounds of previous Indian residential schools have sent shock waves across the country through indigenous communities. The fun and enjoyment will be evaluated after seeing so many...

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10 Best Canada Day Events in Montreal

10 Best Canada Day Events in Montreal

Canada is home to a box full of fun, And if you want to experience it, here’s the address to that home. A list of the ten best events in Montreal for your best interest. 1. Canada Day Parade Canada celebrates the unity and integration of the people through the...

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