Canada’s Birthday

Canada day, which was also known as Dominion Day, was celebrated on July 1st. It is also called “Canada’s Birthday” informally in most of the popular press. However, the word “birthday” has become oversimplified as Canada day is the anniversary of only one major national milestone, which is on the way to the country’s full sovereignty.

Canada's Birthday

Confederation of colonies

The colonies of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia into a broader British combined of four provinces. These colonies of Canada were divided into provinces of Quebec and Ontario upon confederation. Canada then became “the kingdom of its own right” and was also called the Dominion of Canada within the British Empire.

Canada’s Freedom!

Canada gained more political power, control and governance over its affairs even though it was a British Dominion; the British Parliament and the cabinet maintained political control over few areas such as national defence, foreign affairs, and the charges of the constitution. Over the years, Canada gained sovereignty increasingly and notably with the passage of the Statute of Westminster in 1931. It finally became complete sovereignty by passing the act of the Constitutional Act, 1982, which served complete freedom to the Canadian constitution.

Holiday on Monday if in case.

Under the act of Federal Holidays, Canada Day is observed on July 1st, unless the date falls on Sunday; in this case, July 2nd will be a statutory holiday. The events will be usually celebrated on July 1st, even though it is not a legal holiday. Still, if it is on Sunday, the businesses will generally be closed so that the day usually indicates the following Monday as a day off.

Events on Canada Day

Many communities from all over the country will have celebrations that are organised well for Canada Day. It will mostly be public events like carnivals, parades, barbecues, festivals, maritime shows and air shows, free musical concerts, fireworks, and citizenship ceremonies. There is no mode of celebration for Canada Day.

Events on Canada Day

The Noon Show

The main focus of the celebrations will be in the national capital Ottawa in Ontario, where large cultural displays and concerts are held on Parliamentary Hill. It is an event largely rendered as the “Noon show.” The Prime Minister and the Governor-General officiate, though the Monarch or another Royal Family member may also attend or take the place of the governor-general. Many other smaller events are mounted in different parks around the city and the neighbourhood of Gatineau, Quebec.