Canada day was known as Dominion Day, which was initially called the British North American Day. This day is a very enthusiastic day with many glorified events held with lots of fun in Canada. July 1st, the day where everyone in Canada is celebrating! Here are some of the games that can make your day:

Hide and Seek

This is a game where you have to keep your eyes open all the time, pay enough attention, and guess the Canadian symbols correctly, like beavers, the Maple Leaf Tartan, the RCMP, Maple Leaf, and LaCrosse sticks.

Virtual Fireworks on Tim Hortons Canada Day

There are usually tremendous firework sessions that are held on July 1st every year. You can watch it on your computer and mobile devices. The fireworks are generally the most remarkable events that can be enjoyed by just watching them go high and make beautiful designs.

Exploring the universe from your backyard

Using mobile applications, the Canadian Space Agency(CSA) and Astronaut David Saint-Jacques invite you to try a night sky observation activity that night sky observation activities can find.

Virtual Fireworks

Camp-in in Canada

There will be camping events held in most of the parks of Canada on Canada day “from home.” The parks invite you to pitch the tents, share your campfire stories, and BBQ your favourite recipes cause, why not?

Parks of Canada use their brains to put together their best ideas to make a memorable camping experience from your backyard.

Olympic Sports Day

The excitement of the Olympic games can be caught by hosting an Olympic Sports Day on Canada Day 2021. This is a great chance where you can experience yourself at your Olympic games. Time to turn your summer adventure into an actual Olympic celebration.

The National Arts Centre’s Canada day

Canada day offers to dance for you. You can create your own choreography for Canada Day. The skill levels of all the “movement kits”, including the gestures for all the letters of the word C-A-N-A-D-A is to be chained all together to create their own dance. Participating is simple, download a sound trade, record your dance performance and upload it on your media.

Colouring pages of Indigenous words

The National Arts Center in Canada is sharing colouring pages across Turtle Island with indigenous words. They feature artwork from different regions where many languages are spoken. Joining them would be a great initiative as ART is always a fun activity to do.


Create the best chalk drawing artwork and bring colours and life into the residential spaces, which are unconventional outdoors. There are few references where you can watch how to make a dime and creative chalk drawing by a person who demonstrates the chalk art. It is a simple yet fun game where you can play anywhere.