Canada day is a fun-loving holiday where Canadians from all over Canada enjoy and witness the beauty of this day. Many events are held, and the fun sessions with amazing games.

Hanging out on the balcony, sitting comfortably in your backyard with a BBQ, picnicking in the park and camping in your campground? You can go anywhere now, so just enjoy being in your backyard with a BBQ and tent it in there by decorating your favourite spot. Here are some of the other ideas which are worth celebrating on Canada day.

canada day

Crafting the day!

Create art of your choice on the occasion of Canada Day by bringing up the colours to your surroundings. Many artists and hosts can help you discover a unique technique: “the art of taut thread.” This workshop will be conducted for adults and toddlers.

Origami Canada Day Lantern

Origami artists will have online sessions where they will be teaching how to make Lanterns using Origami. Just follow the instructions and create your own Canada Day unique Lantern.

A burger feast

Members of the Nuxalk Nation will be collaborating with Indigenous Tourism BC, where they will be presenting a recipe in a delicious way to grill the Bannock Burger. Try it out and upload on social media stories about these feasts.

3D model of Canada Parliament

Upbringing all the aspiring builders were needed to take the printout, cut it and assemble the 3D paper model of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, which are the symbols of the Canadian Government. They are familiar to all the people around the world.

Colour Canadian Flag

The National flag of Canada, with its iconic red and white stripes with Maple Leaf, is the symbol of Canada without a doubt. Showcase your talent by creating and displaying the Canadian flag done on your own.

Ricardo’s Glutton Burger

A part of the first-ever Canada day celebration was Glutton Burger, offered in 2020, which was a virtual celebration; Canada is back again with it. Create Glutton Burger at your home with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Lights on Canada Day official Playlist of Spotify, YouTube, and Stingray

The official Playlist of Canada brings up all the talented Canadian artists performing in the Canadian Days national show. The songs and videos will be played virtually, and live streaming will be done so that everyone can enjoy and dance for it.

Paper Birch Bark Basket Workshop

You can also learn how to make a paper birch Bark Basket from the Algonquin artist. He teaches you how to make baskets using the traditional Birch Bark basket patterns and explains the meaning behind the designs that adorn them. Follow him with your coloured papers, stapler or tape, scissors, or maybe a hole punch or a ribbon.