Some recent findings of unmarked Graves children that are found near or on the grounds of previous Indian residential schools have sent shock waves across the country through indigenous communities. The fun and enjoyment will be evaluated after seeing so many significant events and games.

Supportive stick

The whole of Canada is in a state of mourning and stands with the First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples in their difficult times.

In recent times there was widespread racism and did not spare the racial communities.

Freedom Struggle

The day, July 1st, was known for the day to reflect against the violence that the institutions and the other freedom fighters have inflicted. The impact of the violence is continuing to have a day on racialised communities and indigenous people. This is the journey Canadians must take to take the step of living together and towards reconciliation.

Activity check kit

The Canada Day activity kit is done by making collaborations with other partners. There are many categories in the list for the activities, and we chose to create memorable moments right from our homes. You can also share your inspirations using the #CanadaDay hashtag. Canada Day is in conclusion with all hearts and minds with the Canadian Special Olympics.

Create a festival environment

You can get creative by making colourful, and festival vibes appear in the environment. Get ready to witness one of the most remarkable events being held on July 1st. Festivals like Crafting Canada Day, Origami Canada Day Lantern, A Salmon n’ Bannock Burger Feast, Parliament of Canada 3D model, Colour the Canadian flag, Glutton Burger by Ricardo, Lights on Canada day official Playlist in Spotify, Lights on Canada day official Playlist on YouTube, Lights on Canada day official Playlist of Stingray music, Workshops like Paper Birch Bark Basket, Orchestral events like O Canada Sing-Along With the NAC, favourite recipe classes, etc.

Have fun

You can explore a wide variety of games and entertainment which is available to brighten your day. You can have fun by playing Hide and Seek, start chalking, Home Jammin’, A coast to coast Labyrinth, virtual fireworks by Tim Hortons, words colouring pages, exploring the universe from your backyard, edible weeds found in people’s backyards all over Canada, Team Canada Champion Chats conduct 7-days Champion Challenge, Olympic Sports day, to keep you moving the active Canada day guide, Maple cheek 2021, decorating the communities on the special Canada Day, there are many Canada games like ‘Blood, Sweat, and Maple Syrup’ Challenges.

festival environment

Let our history shine.

The beauty of Canada should be explored 3lwand it is an accomplishment, and it is said that the anniversaries are the main focus.

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There would be a short quiz conducted and to find activities which are perfect for you. Exciting prizes are waiting for your participation. The summer can be enjoyed with a whole lot of fun and enthusiasm.[/one_third]