Canada is home to a box full of fun, And if you want to experience it, here’s the address to that home. A list of the ten best events in Montreal for your best interest.

1. Canada Day Parade

Canada celebrates the unity and integration of the people through the occasion of Canada day. Various events are held around July. one of these events has grabbed the attention of many in the parade. A unique representation of the culture and diversity is portrayed in the parade.

Canada Day Parade

2. Charlotte Cardin

A Canadian pop star, charlotte Cardin, prepares her way back home. The singer and writer return her way home for her concert on 7th Jan 2022. Meet the jazz star in your city Montreal, Canada. ,

3. Osheaga

Another three-day popular music and art festival in Montreal, Canada, known as osheaga, has gain popularity over the years. The event is held every summer for art and music lovers. Starting from 1st October 2021 in Montreal, the event aims to explore and find new.

4. 71st Annual meeting

The Geography Program organizes them at UNBC, The 71st annual meeting. The meeting is open to all the working professionals who want to discover the field of geography and students as well. Many other subjects will be discussed like science and arts, will open to everyone.

5. Latin dancing Festival

Latin festival is one of the most popular festivals in Canada. The focus of the festival is to unite and celebrate the Latin language. The floor is open to anyone around the world. Open dance floor, food to the yum stomach, and much more to enjoy the Latin day.

6. Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica is a church in Montreal that holds historical and cultural importance. The church is primarily known for its blue lights and structural construction. Apart from this, the church is recognized to organize many grand events that are worth attending. One of these events is the Aura, a light show with visual and sound effects.

7. Village au Pied-du-Courant

Village au Pied-du-Courant is a festive area open to the public where families can enjoy food with food trucks, Drinks at the beer garden, and available internet. The entrance to the event is free of cost. People can have fun and enjoy the St. Lawrence River.

8. Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

The idea of laugh out loud has been taken seriously by the Canadians. So, a particular month is dedicated to the laughter of the people. Various events and stands up are organized to entertain the audience of Montreal.

9. Igloofest, Montreal

One of the biggest fest globally, organized in Montreal, is an open house of entertainment. Sponsored by Red bull, Casino Montreal, and many other, Igloofest stands as the entertainment box. The events start in Feb and every Saturday a party is organized.

Igloofest, Montreal

10. Montreal en Lumière

One of the biggest winter fest organized globally, Montreal en Lumière, is home to full bloom entertainment. The fest is a box filled with theatre, dance, and music for everyone. Montreal en Lumière is the spark to the lights of Montreal.

Find your best match for the event and experience life in Montreal.