Is Brief Canadian Day about?

Canadian National Day is celebrated on the 1st of July every year. It is celebrated as Independence day. There would be a virtual show all over the country this year due to the pandemic. On the day of the anniversary in Canada, the federal statutory had declared it as a holiday. The people of Canada celebrate that day like a festival as “Canadian Birthday.” They have great pomp, and many shows are held with a lot of fun elements in them. The joyful and happy faces with a glimpse of patriotism are what we can observe in all of Canada.

History of Canada Day

History of Canada Day

Back in the history of Canada Day, it started with the Confederation of Canada, which occurred on the 1st of July in 1867. In 1867, the Constitutional Act was passed in the countries which had passed in a country which was united by three different and separate colonies, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, into a single Dominion called Canada within the British Empire.

Kingdom in its own right

In the beginning, Canada Fay was interestingly called Dominion Day because of the independence taken from the British within the British Empire and came to be known as a kingdom in its own right. Later, it was slowly taking its steps to gain political control and governance over its affairs. This is how it became independent.

After that, Canada day was celebrated on 1st July every year to pay tribute to the people who were involved in the struggle to get Canada its independence, remember them and celebrate the freedom of Canada.

Significance of Canada day

Canada day portrays the importance of the milestone done by the nation on the way to the country’s complete independence. The spirit of Canadian patriotism is what is significant to this day. The national holiday is declared for Canada day in Canada, which aims to celebrate the day to showcase the pride and creation of the nation.

Over the past few years, Canada day has been celebrated with lots of fun. It used to feel like a festival, and the communities from all regions host many public events like carnivals, parades, bonfires, musical concerts, and fireworks all over Canada.

At the start of this day, the commemoration was marked with many different celebratory events like fireworks, bonfires, illuminations, ringing the bells at the Cathedral Church at St. James in Toronto, military displays, and many other musical entertainments.

RCMP Musical Ride

One more interesting fact is that Canada has a group established named RCMP Musical Ride, which performs equestrian drills throughout Canada for the public.